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Share your bikes and cycling gear

Spokeo is a peer-to-peer bike sharing community. Spokeo connects bike owners with active people looking to rent bikes and cycling gear to power their adventures. Through our service, owners (we call them "hosts") list their bikes and cycling gear, renters search for a bike, and complete the rental process easily through our website. We offer the protection that bike hosts need to ensure they are covered if something goes wrong.

Share your bikes and gear
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Why share your bikes and cycling gear on Spokeo?

Share your bikes and gear

1. Join our community

Sharing your gear on Spokeo helps others who are traveling, are just getting started, or can't afford their own gear. And you are helping our planet by getting more people on bikes and reducing environmental impact.

2. Make up to $1000 a month

On Spokeo you make money from your bikes and gear when you aren't using it. Earn up to $1000 per month sharing your bikes and cycling gear to people looking for two-wheeled adventures.

2. It's free and simple

Listing your bikes and gear is free. You are only charged when your gear rents. It's simple to get started and list your bikes & gear. We take a 20% fee on all rentals, you keep the rest.

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Your rentals are protected through Spokeo

When you share your bikes and cycling gear through Spokeo you have multiple layers of protection to ensure things don't go wrong. If they do, you are covered.

Share your bikes and gear

1. Renters are responsible

Before people rent from you on Spokeo they sign our rental agreement in which they agree to accept responsibility for your gear if it's damaged or stolen. When people rent from you they accept the liability.

2. Renters are verified

We verify renters to ensure they are real people who really want to rent your bike. Renters are required to upload a driver's license or government ID and we do a face scan to double-check identity. We weed out bad actors.

3. You approve who you rent to

When someone decides to rent from you, they submit a rental request to you. You can approve or reject the request after reviewing their profile. You are in control of who you rent to.

4. You are backed by Spokeo

Spokeo provides up to insurance coverage of up to $5000 for your bikes & cycling gear in the case of loss, theft or damage that is not collectible from the renter.

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How it works

It's easy to share your bikes and cycling gear on Spokeo.

Share your bikes and gear

1. List your bikes and gear

Create listings for the bikes and gear you would like to share. You can share as many or few items as you like. Upload photos and add details about your gear. Set your schedule. Set your prices. Create an account with Stripe to collect your payments (setting up Stripe is easy and safe).

2. Accept only rentals you want

You will be notified when someone requests to rent your gear. Review their profile, double check your schedule and accept only rentals that work best for you.

3. Arrange pickup and dropoff

Communicate with the renter through Spokeo to arrange for the handoff of your gear. You can have them pick up the gear at your chosen location or you can deliver. Up to you. Arrange the return.

4. Payment handled by Stripe

The day the rental period starts, the renters credit card is charged. You receive payment for the rental directly into your bank account within 10 days. Payments from renters and deposits to your account are handled by Stripe, a trusted global payment processor.

Host frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Why become a host on Spokeo? Joining the bike sharing community feels great. By sharing your bike, you are helping someone get out on two wheels to see the world. You are helping the planet. And, you can put some spending money in your pocket.
  • Will my bike see wear and tear? In general, bikes are quite rugged, but with regular use, bikes do see wear and tear. Sharing your bike will lead to some wear and tear including, minor nicks or scratches, issues requiring a minor adjustment, such as rubbing brakes or mis-shifting, tire & brake wear, etc. If your bike is super precious to you (we get it! some bikes can be precious!), you probably shouldn't be sharing it on Spokeo.
  • Who's responsible if there is damage to the bike that is more than wear and tear? Anything beyond normal wear and tear, the renter is responsible for paying for. Renters agree to this as part of their rental agreement. As a last line of defense if the renter is non-compliant, Spokeo provides up to $5,000 in insurance.