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Guidelines for listings and profiles on Spokeo

In order to create the best possible experience on Spokeo, we have created this set of guidelines for creating profiles and listings on Spokeo.

List your bike and cycling gear

Spokeo has the sole discretion to remove any content that violates these rules and guidelines or which we believe is in violation of our Terms of Service. In cases of severe or repeated violations, we may suspend or cancel an account or take other actions.

Profile guidelines

Spokeo users are expected to strictly adhere to the following expectations:

  • Use your true identity and honestly represent yourself in your user profile and in all communications with other Spokeo users.
  • Represent yourself in a respectful way when creating your profile.
  • Have one profile per user (not multiple profiles).
  • Don’t create profiles designed to impersonate someone else.
  • Don’t use a throw-away email address. This signals to us that you might not be here for the right reasons and we will consider this fraudulent behavior.
  • Don’t use emulators or third-party sites to post on Spokeo. You must be the owner of your item.

Titles, descriptions, & prices

  • Listings must provide enough details to give renters an idea of the type of bike or gear, specifications for use such as the size of the bike, and the condition/age.
  • Don't link to websites or post URLs.
  • Don't provide personal information, such as a phone number or email address.
  • Don't add keywords or price points intended to manipulate search results.

Listing photos

To allow renters to get a true feel for the items you’re renting, Spokeo hosts are expected to only post photos that meet these guidelines:

  • Always include at least one photo of the item. Listings with no photo, including those with a photo that contains only text, aren't allowed.
  • Include high-quality, well-lit photos.
  • Keep photos clean by not adding extra stickers or text.
  • Don’t add any writing, phone numbers, or email addresses on the photo.
  • Post a photo of the actual item, not a catalog or stock photo.
  • Use your own photos. Don't use images that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

Item location

You should list an accurate geographic location that is nearby, but not your actual residential address, so that your local renters can arrange to meet you for pickup and so that internet browsers cannot determine your exact location.

Prohibited items

Most items are allowed on Spokeo, but there are specific types of items that are not permitted on our platform. Some may be dangerous or present legal issues, while others may be offensive or not in line with the spirit of our community.


Spokeo may remove listings that violate any of our guidelines, policies, or Terms of Service, and may block or terminate any user account at our sole discretion.

Maintaining a safe marketplace

We are working hard to ensure the safety of our marketplace and enforcement of our policies. We do our best to review posted content to ensure that transactions for renters and hosts are ethical, safe, and protected.

While we understand that our work here is never done, here are the steps we take to try to keep our marketplace safe:

  • We remove listings and take action on accounts that violate our policies.
  • We work with law enforcement to do our part in supporting their investigations.
  • We’re continuously updating our product features to create a more trustworthy marketplace experience.

Help keep our community strong

As a member of the Spokeo community, you can help us build a safer, stronger marketplace by reporting suspicious or offensive content. To report suspicious or offensive content, please fill out our contact us form.

List your bike or cycling gear