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About Spokeo

We are committed to getting people outside on two wheels for adventure, fitness, and smiles. Biking is great for people and our planet. Join the sharing community. Get out and ride.

Mountain bike handlebars with a trail backdrop.


We hope that Spokeo gets more people on bikes helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Cycling is sustainable, especially if you rent. Clean air, healthy planet, healthy lungs. Let's do this!


Spokeo is a community of cyclists. Every day people meet up to spin the cranks, sweat and "send it" together, bringing friendship and laughter. Biking brings people together.


Spokeo is about adventure. Bikes inspire millions of adventures every year. From the rush a kid experiences when he first ditches those training wheels, to a mountain biker hitting her first rock roll, to bikepackers crossing a continent, bikes bring us smiles, thrills and exercise.

Three bikes leaning against a bridge railing in a Pacific Northwest setting.


Chris Rodde wearing a helmet

Chris Rodde

Chris Rodde found the joy of cycling as a kid riding his "PK Ripper" BMX bike around the neighborhood with his friends. He's never stopped riding since and is still jealous of people that can ride a wheelie. Chris started Spokeo to get more folks out on bikes and lower the barriers to cycling. Chris is also one of the owners of Off Camber Productions, which puts on 20+ bike races a year around Seattle. You can follow Chris's bike adventures on Strava

Join our team

We are always looking for great team members at Spokeo. Must be able to ride a bike no-hands with ease. Marketing & customer service skills also a plus. Bonus points if you can do a track stand. Send your cover letter and resume to ride@spokeo.bike.