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The Spokeo Promise

When you use Spokeo, you are joining a community of cyclists aligned around one goal: to create the best experience for all, hosts and renters alike. Please read and understand your commitments as a renter and as a host.

The Renter Promise

Renters on Spokeo agree to the following:

  • When you rent on Spokeo, you are agreeing to the Spokeo Rental Agreement. Read the agreement and understand your responsibilities.
  • Prior to renting, you must get verified by uploading your drivers license or ID and do a face scan. Get verified now
  • Do unto others... Treat the bike and equipment like it's yours. Return the bike in the condition you received it.
  • You are responsible for the bike. You are responsible to pay for any damage to the bike, to pay for repairs, or for the replacement cost if the bike is stolen or significantly damaged.
  • You are responsible for your safety and the safety of others around you during your rental. You accept liability for any harm to yourself or others.
  • Guard the bike from theft. Bikes are a big target for thieves. Ensure you do not leave the bike even for a moment if unlocked. Even locks can be evaded, so never leave a bike outside overnight.
  • Know your limits. If you are not fully competent with the bike or gear you are seeking, don't rent. Be safe.
  • Communicate responsively and honestly. If issues come up with the bike or gear, contact the host immediately.
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The Host Promise

Hosts on Spokeo agree to the following:

  • When you host on Spokeo, you are subject to the Spokeo Rental Agreement. Read the agreement and understand your responsibilities as a host.
  • Bikes and gear that you rent must be in good working condition. Only rent bikes that are well maintained by a competent mechanic.
  • Accurately describe the bikes and gear that you rent. Your listing should have ample photos and a verbose description of the bike or gear. Describe any issues clearly.
  • Provide other equipment to ensure a safe ride. Bikes should come with a saddle bag with what's needed to handle a flat or minor mechanical issues.
  • Provide guidance and instruction when handing off your equipment. Make sure the renter is aware how to use the bike or gear safely.
  • Communicate your expectations clearly. Should the renter wash the bike before returning it? Any limitation on where the renter can take the bike? Up to you, so make it clear.
  • Be responsive and honest in your communications.
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Mountain bike rented on Spokeo in front of a dramatic sunset