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Top Tips for Getting Rentals on Spokeo

Thanks for hosting your ride on Spokeo! Now, let's get you some rentals... As a host on Spokeo, it's not as simple as just uploading a photo. To get rentals there are a few tips to get things rolling.

1. Get the Word Out

As a new service, we are doing our best to get the word out about Spokeo, but you can help! After your listing(s) are live on Spokeo, help us get the word out by telling your friends, social media connections, and cyclists in your area.

Post your listing(s) to your social accounts and to groups on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, etc.

Look for local cyclist groups online and let them know that you have bikes and cycling gear to rent. As a host you are helping other people to get out on a bike. If you are hesitant to promote your listing(s), think of what you are doing as a community service--you are helping more people to get outside on a bike!

2. Price Your Bike and Gear to Rent

You should price your daily rental on Spokeo at a lower rate than a comparable bike would rent from a bike shop. People renting on Spokeo are expecting lower prices because, heck, you aren't a bike shop. Pricing can vary a bit from market to market, but in general here is a guideline for pricing:

  • City/hybrid bikes & older bikes - $10 - $30 per day
  • Newer road bikes & gravel bikes - $30 - $50 per day
  • Newer mountain bikes or top of the line road/gravel bikes - $50 - $100 per day
  • Super unique bikes like the Pee Wee Herman replica bike - $100+ per day

3. Offer Amenities Like Racks, Bikepacking Gear, etc

Some renters are starting from scratch and don't have any cycling gear. By including amenities like helmets, bike locks, etc in the listing for your bike, you are removing barriers for people.

You can also create listings to rent your bike rack, bikepacking gear, etc. We've had people rent bikes & a hitch-mount rack in one rental, and a bike and two full sets of bike touring gear (racks, paniers, etc) in another rental.

By listing your racks, trailers, and bikepacking/bike touring gear you'll make more money and get more rentals.

4. Create a Great Listing

Making sure that your listings on Spokeo are complete will help you get more rentals.

Make sure you include the following:

  • Photos - several good, well lit photos of your bike or gear
  • Sizing - make sure you include the size of the bike, and even better, estimate the size of the person your bike will fit (e.g. "Bike fits riders 5'9" to 6'0" tall)
  • Other details like tire size, shifters, etc, help too

5. Build Trust With Your Profile

Your profile on Spokeo should help build trust with the renter. Make sure you have a good profile photo where your face is visible and include in your bio a few personal details, like why you are choosing to be a host, and how your maintain your bikes (e.g. do you do your own mechanic work? Or take your bikes to a shop to keep them well maintained?)