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Hello, I'm Pedro P.

Hey there my friends call me Spirit. I love being out in nature​,​ I love camping​,​ Meditating​,​ swimming in natural waters and beaches​,​ and resting. I love mountain biking​,​ and bike trail riding thru natural areas of our home called earth. Also​,​ I love combat sports​,​ I am a musician​,​ I am a singer​,​ I am a dancer​,​ I am a martial artist​,​ I am a dog rescuer and guardian of nature and the animals​,​ inventor​,​ team leader and team player. This rental program for bicycles is amazing and just to let any of you know when you rent from me​,​ You're also helping support the work I do in rescuing and caring for animals. I don't do this for-profit. My focus is to make sure that the animals I care for especially the ones in my direct family are okay. Feel free to also message me in regards to how you can help as well with that. Just know that your rental already helps pay for a portion of what I do. Thanks to all of you in advance for choosing me as your Bicycle rental provider​,​ and the developers of this tool and helpful cool resource. Namaste 🙏

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