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Brompton Folding Bike - Flies As a Carry-On!

Brompton 3-speed folding bike, packs down small enough to fit as a carry-on for most airlines (737s, etc). Go for a bike ride on your layovers :) Takes about 10 second to fold, and rides shockingly similar to a regular sized bike. Also great as an around-the-town bike, since you can bring it on the bus​/​into a restaurant​/​taxi​/​etc and not worry about locking it up. One of the only bikes to be allowed in the London tube, perfect for multi-modal travel on transit! Decent gear range, but not phenomenal on hills- still beats a single speed! Comes with a large (40+ liter) bag that attaches to the front of the bike and carries as a messenger bag. If you're flying with it, comes with a cover to put over it while in the airport and to use if you have to gate check it. One photo shows the bike with an electric hub- won't have that, is just a standard acoustic bike now. Bike has been to Fuji, London, Seattle, and now Alaska, where will it go next?


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