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Good Ole' Bike

Here we have an oldie but goodie. This bike is not the newest, and it isn't exactly pretty - but that's precisely the point. Intended for both visitors, as well as locals who are looking to get back into biking and​/​or need low cost transportation in order to get around. Maybe your car is at the shop, or you feel like going on a ride with friends. Or maybe you're just here for the weekend, and feel like goonin' out on the Salem Lake Trail! This bike came from a shorter person, but it fits me just fine (6'0"), so it should fit most sizes of people. The bike is not what I'd call a step thru, but it does have a low top tube, so it's suitable for, men, women and everyone in between! Has a triple front crank, and 5 speeds in the rear. That's not as many gears as new bikes, but it still has more than enough gears to handle the hills in this area. Everything works well, even though it's an older bike. Will include a little wrench so you can adjust the seat height as necessary. This bike is available for pickup in Bailey Park in downtown Winston-Salem. You may take the rental with you, out of town and back, as long as it is transported carefully n stuff like that (on a bike rack, or in a pickup truck​/​van etc). You can also easily put this bike on the front of the bus - both the Winston-Salem buses, as well as the PART route to downtown Greensboro (and more), which when combined, gives you a lot of great options for getting around the Triad without needing a car at all. Thanks for checking out this bike, and keep an eye out for the ebikes coming soon!


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